Healing Hearts eCommerce Web Development | Logo Design Healing Hearts prides themselves on being a boutique artisan supplier of natural products. Using a minimalist design and earthy colors, the website focuses on what matters—the products.
Xtreme Financial Services Inc. Web Developement | Logo Design I designed the logo to convey trust and quality. The web design was informed by the simplicity of the logo. Trust is important in the financing business, so it was important here to capture a professional and clean look that evoked a sense of professionalism.
Nexus Courier Group Mobile App | Logo Design Nexus wanted to take the courier business from paper to digital. I developed an app that tracked packages, drivers, and accepted orders from clients. The E in the logo design is an envelope to represent the package delivery.
Jedenfalls Logo Design Jedenfalls is a steam-punk themed gift shop in a small town that thrives on tourism. The logo design was made to playfully fit the company theme.
Up In Smoke Logo Design Up In Smoke is a smoke and gift shop in a Bavarian-themed town. The logo had to fit the city regulations. The Bavarian font is accented with an S that appears to be the smoke leaving a pipe.
Golden Artists Website | Logo Design | Logo Animation Golden Artists Entertainment is a one-stop-shop for all things entertainment. I developed a logo, a logo animation for movies and TV, and a website to showcase their many clients.
Kazillian Crowd Sales Website | Logo Design Kazillian is a crowd-sourcing social network that is still in development. I designed the logo with the letter I appearing in a shirt and tie. The website is built around a custom search engine.
Frequency Entertainment Website | Logo Design Frequency Entertainment is one of the top entertainment management companies in Las Vegas. I designed a logo and a website to match. The site features a custom filtering function to allow clients to find the entertainment they need with ease.
Thriller Films Logo Design | Logo Animation Thriller films wanted a logo and movie animation that evoked that edge-of-your-seat feeling that comes with horror movies. With cascading walls zooming around torch-lit silhouette, I delivered a finished product that is both thrilling and iconic.